By Nita Kohanski

A successful quilt exhibit was held at St Luke’s on May 19. Fifteen quilts were shown by seven parishioners. The feature quilt was by Nita Kohanski. It was a large crazy quilt bed cover made by using more than 150 men’s neckties. Beth VanAnden and Barbara Wells had heirloom quilts made by grandparents and special family members in the early or mid 1900’s. Virginia Daniels showed her “cats” quilt. Jean Poole and Jean Brooks quilts were more modern. Fred Brook’s small piece was of a very intricate design. There was a wool blanket quilted from scraps used by Amy’s grandfather, Stanley Kohanski, when he was employed at the Taftville Woolen Mills in Conn. before the industry went south.
The Ladies’ Guild furnished a great (as usual) array of punch and goodies.
The temperature on this partly sunny day reached 70 degrees. Great!!!! But just at closing time darkened skies gave way to a thunderstorm and a downpour. The last few people racing to their cars were soaked. It was still a great day.
Thank you to everyone who had a part in making this a good event.

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