Happy Easter from St. Luke’s the Beloved Physician

To the St. Luke’s Family and friends:

We wish we could come together in person as we do every year for a joyous Easter celebration. 

But this has been an unprecedented time. Instead of singing together from our pews, we come together in spirit – lifted by the thought that this pandemic will one day pass and we will be together again.

Pray for each other. Support each other. And please remember to support the parish we all love. Though we are not worshiping in the church, our financial commitment to staff and outreach continue —especially in these difficult times. 

Until we can all be together again, it is our wish that this presentation will bring you hope and comfort this Easter, and remind you of your church family.

Happy Easter!

We would like to thank Frank Jacobson for sharing his musical gifts. It lifts our hearts to hear you play again.  

To George Nagel, Rick Dennis and Glenn Michaels thank you for your good words and spiritual support. 

To Molly, Tabi, Hayley and Leah: thank you for contributing to this video. 

And to the entire St. Luke’s family, thank you for continuing to love and care for one another during this difficult time.

Peace be with you all!

~ St. Luke the Beloved Physician

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